This page updated October 2, 2002
Current status:  Planning.
Brief introduction: On the tiny Swedish island of Ven in the strait between Sweden and Denmark this distillery expects to go on stream in the fall of 2003. A  planned maximum of 100,000 litres alcohol will be producen annually. 
Maturation will take place in no smaller than 100 litre remade American bourbon barrels at seaside warehouse, where the whisky is to stay for at least 8 years, meaning that there will be no commercial whisky available until 2011 at the earliest. 
The distillery expects to use only local products, save for the peat, which is not allowed to be cut on the island. The whisky is expected to be rather smoky in its charachter. 
The distillery and the future Visitor's Centre will be located in Backafallsbyn on the picturesque and friendly (and not totally Islay-unlike) island of Ven, in the narrow strait between Denmark and Sweden. The name Hven is an old spelling of the island's name, Ven.
The photograph shows the future Distillery owner, Henric Molin. He and his wife Anja runs the resort Backafallsbyn, with a restaurant including an impressive whisky bar.
Equipment: Still not there, but the future stills are planned to be two: a wash still of 8000 litres and a spirit still of 4000 litres, both imported from Forsyths in Scotland.

The distillery will be built in an old brick building, acqired for the purpose, adjacent to the resort, now used as barn and stable. 
Contrary to what has been reported in some media, the Hven distillery has not started yet, there is no distillery equipment on the site yet. Plans are that the distillery will go on stream in the autumn of 2003. 
Ownership: The Henric Molin family: 100%. Ownership is expected to stay within the family. 
Official website:  http://www.hven.com/HVENWI1.html