This page updated February 2, 2005
Current status: 

Belly-up. The Lodhian company was declared bankrupt in the end of 2003.

Tax debts of 1,100,000 SEK (£86,000, $150,000) surfaced and the MD is investigated by prosecutor. The Lodhian whisky dream has come to an end.

Brief introduction:

This company called itself "The first Whisky distillery in Sweden", but they never distilled a drop. Reading their now disappeared website or their newsletter was somewhat misguiding. The truth was obscured by talk of the future distillery and what the work there will be like. The company was founded in 1995, but the only whisky they've put on the market is a vatted malt and a blend (of Scotch whisky) of their own.
Bottles of Lodhian whisky are still available at Systembolaget in Sweden. The 19 yr Vatted is not bad at all!

Plans for a real-life distilley did exist, and preparational construction work in the old barn-like building picked to house the distillery - planned to produce some 130,000 litres annually - were initiated. The same building was also to give space to a Visitors' Centre, officies and eventually malting facilities. Visitors' Centre was expected to be ready in late 2002. , but never opened.
On the surface the plans looked good. Measures was to be taken to guarantee a good looking, visitor friendly facility throughout. Copper and wood would be the main materials in the distillery, while the (visible) use of stainless steel and aluminium was to be kept to a minimum, much of aesthetical reasons.
The would-be-distillery building is centrally and beautifully located in the village of Grangärde near Ludvika in southern Dalarna, central Sweden.
However, the financing of the venture was never secured. The company tried to sell a "membership" dearly, where an unspecified part would go to shares in the company. The idea smelled of uncertainty and unprofessonalism, so few jumped on the wagon. Those who did have seen their money disappear into nothing. A 100% Angel's share indeed.
The name Lodhian is derived from a medieval form of Ludvika.

Equipment: None, obviously. Plans did exist for four Oregon Pine washbacks, two Forsythe stills of 6000 and 3500 litres and malting facilities.
Ownership: Founder Thomas Geijer was to keep the majority of the shares. Smaller portions was owned by partners Kjell Nyqvist and Scotsman James Lochhead (Former MD of Highland Park). Smaller blocks of shares were sold to the public.
Official website:  http://www.lodhian.se/ (Link has been dead for a while)
Thomas Geijer and James Lochhead in front of the future distillery builning.
Inside the future distillery.