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Information about Swedish Whisky Distillers
by Christofer Psilander

These pages are dedicated to the young but growing Swedish whisky industry.
The Swedish entry to the EU paved new legal ways for privately owned distilleries in Sweden, something that the rather strict Swedish alcohol legislation would not have allowed earlier. Following the boom of Scotch single malt whisky during the 80's and 90's, several Swedish entrepeneurs made the obvious note that every dram whisky drunken in Sweden is imported, and subsequently drawn the conclusion that there is a market for domestic whisky in this country.

I, Christofer Psilander - a keen whisky buff (and drinker) - will on this site inform about the state of all these endeavours and report about everything about the state of these new distilleries, their produce and the people behind it all. Additionally, you will find information about old and current blends and vats made in Sweden.
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